Speculative Fantasy Fiction

Once upon a time, and for all time, amidst the vast unknown of space and time, a parallel dimension holds in its arms an alternate universe where every book you have ever read, every story ever told, really exists. Each character there is as real as you or I, although their veins flow with ink rather than blood and their authors, or creators are their Gods, and their deeds, their homes, their lives… are real and happen, as set down in their storylines. These book worlds together form the Realms of Fiction, which came into creation when the first humans began to tell each other stories. As tales and sagas and legends were repeated in their telling’s, and floated out into the cosmos, the mass consciousness of our universe wove the threads of each tale into shape and until it took on a solid form, especially once us humans began to capture our stories in written form.

Unfortunately, as we began capturing our stories, setting them down on stone, then in ink we unwittingly disturbed the nature of The Realms of Fantasy, the universe from where all those creatures we would deem as ‘Fantasy’ now, but who were once very much part of our known world, and who could bridge the Realms of Fantasy, and any other universe with easy as they were ethereal, their universal vibration so fast that they could travel anywhere upon a thought. Alas, once us humans began to tell tales of fairies, and goblins and the like, they found their vibrations diminishing, their powers wane and their shimmering blood turning into ink, as their Realm became welded to the realms of Fiction! Theses canny folk of Fantasy soon realised it was human books that was altering their universe, and those who still could began to come to the Realms of Fact to destroy all the books they could, burning great libraries and inciting humans to destroy all the written words they could, in what the called The Fight for the Great Freedom, and what has become known elsewhere as the Scribing Wars .

This was how the librarians from our Realms of Fact discovered these other universes, stumbling upon the wormholes that lead their in their quest to solve the mystery of spontaneous fires that destroyed great collections, and the like. Upon the discovery of the Realms of Fiction, and it’s precarious exsitance which wholly depends upon the stories and books in our universe surviving, the librarians became its self-appointed protectors, sworn to keeping its secrets and protecting it from all dangers. They fought the ancient Scribing Wars with the creatures from the Realms of Fantasy, but it was a war never truly won, a war that threatens to reignite at any moment, especially as modern technology also threaten to destroy this fragile place, an ally the Realms of Fantasy are all too aware of…

Into this ancient conflict, and bibliophiles paradise falls book worm and technophobe, Josh Ridley, for it is his destiny, although he is wholly unaware of that fact.

This is the multidimension universe of The Book Ark Series, and every reader’s ultimate fantasy!

“A Once Upon A Time story that will enchant all book-lovers from ages nine to ninety. This is the sort of story that us old-hand bookworms used to enjoy under the bedcovers by the light of a torch; it will enthral young new-timers and keep them glued to their e-readers.
The concept is brilliant, the writing is superb, and the characters are real – well of course they are! Whether we are readers or writers (or both!), we all know that, like stepping through the back of a wardrobe opening a book transports us into that very real world of Imagination, where belief is suspended and fantastic things happen… Prepare to be transported! In Janis Pegrum Smith’s talented gift for story-telling, Roald Dahl’s magical tales, J.K. Rowling’s imagination and Phillip Pullman’s believable alternative existences have met a very serious rival. If you are stuck for an imaginative gift for adults or teenage readers, give them a copy of The Book Ark – it is destined to become a long-lasting favourite classic to treasure! I have only one complaint… as an author I wish I had thought of the idea first.”
Helen Hollick, Author

“A wildly imaginative novel and a delightful read… mildly magical, if dystopian, version of the world we inhabit but also in a universe comprised of all the works of fiction ever written. In this multiverse books form a portal between the spheres the author has managed to combine an allegory about what we should value and are in danger of losing with a highly entertaining plot. This is a book haunted by fiction where the ghosts are the characters created by the imagination of authors. The narrative concerns the quest of a marginalised and solitary nineteen year old bibliophile, Josh, to find his missing grandfather after he inherits his grandfather’s home, the Book Ark, after its owner’s disappearance. It can be read on several levels and works on all of them.” The Spectral Times

In this author’s talented gift for story-telling, Roald Dahl’s magical tales and Phillip Pullman’s believable alternative existences have met a very serious rival… The Book Ark is destined to become a long-lasting classc to treasure! HELEN HOLLICK AUTHOR OF THE CAPTAIN JESAMIAH ACORNE NOVELS
…a magical love affair with books … wildly imaginative THE SPECTRAL TIMES


First in The Book Ark series

Bookworm and technophobe Joshua Ridley desperately needs an escape from his misandrist female relatives, inheriting his deceased grandfather’s floating bookshop could prove to be the perfect solution. Running away to Cambridge, he seeks a complete change of lifestyle, but not the complete change of reality he stumbles upon.

Plunged into the alternate universe of the Realms of Fiction, where every book that has ever been written is a reality, Josh soon discovers that his grandfather might not be dead after all. In his search for the truth he has to learn on his feet in this world of book characters, librarian guardians, and malevolent creatures from the Realms of Fantasy, who are eager to reignite the ancient scribing wars.

The stakes are high as Josh sets off with newly found friends on a quest across the realms in the hope of finding his beloved grandfather.


Second in The Book Ark series

​​​​​​​Does every book ever written truly exist out there in the alternate universe known as the Realms of Fiction? Is Josh’s grandfather really the leader of a secret force of librarians who safeguard the Realms of Fiction from The Realms of Fantasy?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Is Josh’s evil grandmother actually in league with King Oberon the King of the Fairies and his minions? ​​​​​​​ Or, was it all just in Josh’s head after all…

…fast paced, exciting, nail biting – and brilliant good fun. And, for the icing on the cake … it is even better than the first book! HELEN HOLLICK – AUTHOR OF THE CAPTAIN JESAMIAH ACORNE NOVELS