The Illustrious origins of the Ross Clan

The second of my articles on my Ross bloodline. Up until now my genealogy articles on the Ross clan have been working backwards through the family line. In this one I am going to reverse that order, taking you right back to the very beginning of the clan Ross, then work forward to join upContinue reading “The Illustrious origins of the Ross Clan”

John Ross 1806-1878 & Duncan Ross 1781-1861

This is the first in a two part set of articles on the noble origins of the Ross lineage of myself and my blood relatives of this line. It has taken many, many hours of very hard detective work to piece this line together. I have not only taken evidence from the usual ancestral sources,Continue reading “John Ross 1806-1878 & Duncan Ross 1781-1861”

William Ross 1859 – 1902 & Barbara Hogg 1862 – 1937

Following on from my last genealogy post about my great-grandmother, Barbara Ross, this blog is about her parents, my great-great grandparents, William Ross and Barbara Hogg. William Ross was born in the ancient fishing port of Nairn, in Scotland on the 13th of June 1859, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Ross, who preferred to goContinue reading “William Ross 1859 – 1902 & Barbara Hogg 1862 – 1937”

Barbara Ross 1894 – 1940

When a person begins to research their family tree they have to be prepared to uncover things they might be uncomfortable with, the proverbial skeleton in the closet. Long-held family traditions and legends may flounder on the hidden rocks of fact, and Titanic sized tales will often be sunk by torpedoes of truth. Even inContinue reading “Barbara Ross 1894 – 1940”


I have been researching my family tree since 2000 (according to my profile on Ancestry, I had no idea it had been so long!) As you can imagine, during this time I have accumulated a huge amount of information about my ancestors. Within these blogs I aim to share the tales of my ancestors, especiallyContinue reading “Genealogy”