The Novels


Historical Fiction

In the relentless summer heat of 1897 Lars Niklasson is far too busy nursing a broken heart to pay much mind to the headlines of a gold strike in the North, or the accompanying gold rush “fever” igniting New York around him. It does give him an idea for a little white lie though; the only trouble with little white lies is they generally have a tendency to snowball….


Romantic Fiction

Artemisia Callow’s romantic ideas of becoming a lady gardener do not quite meet up with the reality of working for her new boss, the handsome but moody Joel Marston. Joel is extremely angry at being coerced into giving her the post by his domineering industrialist father, who sees it as a possible route back to Art’s mother, “the one that got away”….


Speculative Fantasy Fiction

Do You Believe in the Realms of Fiction?

Imagine an alternate universe where every book you have ever read, every story ever told, really exists, these are the Realms of Fiction. Librarians from our Realms of Fact have known of its existence for generations and have been its protectors. It is in constant danger of falling back into the Scribing Wars of old with the creatures from the Realms of Fantasy, and modern challenges now seek to destroy this fragile place… This is the world of The Book Ark Series, every reader’s ultimate fantasy!

“In this author’s talented gift for story-telling, Roald Dahl’s magical tales and Phillip Pullman’s believable alternative existences have met a very serious rival… The Book Ark is destined to become a long-lasting classic to treasure” 

Helen Hollick author of the Captain Jesamiah Acorne Novels

“…a magical love affair with books … wildly imaginative”

The Spectral Times


First in The Book Ark series

Bookworm and technophobe Joshua Ridley desperately needs an escape from his misandrist female relatives, inheriting his deceased grandfather’s floating bookshop could prove to be the perfect solution. Running away to Cambridge, he seeks a complete change of lifestyle, but not the complete change of reality he stumbles upon.

Plunged into the alternate universe of the Realms of Fiction, where every book that has ever been written is a reality, Josh soon discovers that his grandfather might not be dead after all. In his search for the truth he has to learn on his feet in this world of book characters, librarian guardians, and malevolent creatures from the Realms of Fantasy, who are eager to reignite the ancient scribing wars.

The stakes are high as Josh sets off with newly found friends on a quest across the realms in the hope of finding his beloved grandfather.


Second in The Book Ark series

“…fast paced, exciting, nail biting – and brilliant good fun. And, for the icing on the cake … it is even better than the first book!” 

Helen Hollick – author of the Captain Jesamiah Acorne novels

​​​​​​​Does every book ever written truly exist out there in the alternate universe known as the Realms of Fiction? Is Josh’s grandfather really the leader of a secret force of librarians who safeguard the Realms of Fiction from The Realms of Fantasy?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Is Josh’s evil grandmother actually in league with King Oberon the King of the Fairies and his minions?
Or, was it all just in Josh’s head after all… ?


Third in The Book Ark series

Coming 2020

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