New Horizons

My last post was back in April when I did a free book give away to celebrate my recovery from Covid… oh,how naive of me — little did I know that I would have many, many more weeks of relapses and horrible post-Covid symptoms to suffer! But, ho-hum here I am several weeks on and I can happily report that for the past 2 weeks I finally seem to be in full recovery mode, I still have to take it very easy and slow, but I haven’t had any lung pain for 2 weeks, and my energy levels are heading back up. It has been a very long and extremely hard battle, which came just as I was getting back on my feet after 4 years of numerous other long and very hard battles. However, the one positive that has come from my “near death experience” this year, apart from me not actually dying, is it has been the catalyst for my husband and I to completely change our lives!

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One week today and my darling husband will be taking early retirement from where he has worked for 30 years! Having very nearly lost me a few weeks back the decision was instantly made to no longer just talk about our long-held dreams but to start living them – because, believe me, folks – life really is too short not to! We have been together as a couple for 10 years this year, though we know our soul connection stretches way back into the mists of time. Ever since we first spent time together, even before we were a couple, we have absolutely loathed to be apart from each other, and it has always been our greatest wish to be in a position where we never have to say “goodbye” to each other. This was always our goal, our dream, but it always seemed to elude us for one reason or another… though we have now learned that the only thing stopping us was US! We were waiting for the time to be right, but this year has taught us that the time is always NOW, as now is all any of us have.

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So, in a week’s time we start not just a whole new chapter, but a whole new book! I am hoping that we will be completely done with illness and family dramas for a long while, for we have had more than our fair share in the past 4 years. We have great plans for creative projects to come, adventures to go on and I am hoping to really get back to my writing. Our house is currently up for sale as we are moving in with my mum and step-father, yes — I am going to be a boomerang kid at 54, lol. It has been a plan in the making for many years, long before this Covid rubbish — but the timing is synchronizing nicely. We are moving in to help them run the beautiful home and garden they moved to a year ago, and to form a small creative community together, as we all have our individual and shared creative interests. We envisage it very akin to the arts and crafts movement model, growing our own vegetables, sharing the chores and having the freedom and space to create as we will… sounds like my idea of heaven, perhaps one doesn’t have to actually die to get to paradise after all πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned — for I hope to get back into the habit of blogging again, and this website (and my Facebook pages) will be the place to follow our dreams with us, as we make them a reality πŸ™‚

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