Best Laid Plans…

When I launched this website a few weeks back I promised you a weekly Sunday blog with absolute intent, and my best laid plans would have undoubtedly worked out, if I had a regular Monday – Sunday week like most folk. However, circumstance dictates that my week revolves on a strange set of cogs compared to most other people’s lives, and so my routine runs on a more haphazard wobble of a ten day reset. My dearly beloved works shifts, which currently consist of — 4 early shifts, 2 days off, 4 late shifts, 2 days off. (I say currently as these are constantly in review and shift with a movement akin to the sandbanks off of the North Norfolk Coast). As we like to maximize our time together, I have always worked to my husband’s shift patterns – but for a creative type this is rather challenging. As any artist will tell you, the muse is fickle, she ebbs and flows with no sense of timing whatsoever, it is always hard to be structured as an artist, even though some essence of a routine is creatively a very positive thing.

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Anyway, in recent weeks I have been very deeply drawn into my research, have acquired 5 new hens, my husband has had a few holiday days… and a super-long list of whole other stuff that has distracted and detained me. I am holding my hands up and owning fully the fact that my blog articles are never going to have regularity. Peggy-Dorothea simply does not do regularity, there I have finally declared out loud and in print! As my 50s progress I am discovering that I am seeing far more clearly what I am, and what I am most certainly not — I am also becoming fully aware of ‘what is and what should never be…’ to quote Led Zeppelin, what I can aspire to and what I should simply accept as ‘simply me’ about myself. To that end, the ‘Sunday Blog’ has become ‘Articles’ — you will get stuff from me as mood, time and inspiration strike — in other words, I embrace that I am a wild brown field mouse roaming far and wide without limitations, and not a red-eyed, white one continually trundling along on its wheel till it is time to eat or sleep 😉

Published by Peggy-Dorothea Beydon

Writer & Creator of Beautiful Things... author of Historical Fiction & Speculative Fantasy... plus the occasional Romance novel. Passionate about my husband, my dogs, my chickens, my life!

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