The Book Ark Novels

 Do You Believe in the Realms of Fiction?

Imagine an alternate universe where every book you have ever read, every story ever told, really exists, these are the Realms of Fiction. Librarians from our Realms of Fact have known of its existence for generations and have been its protectors. It is in constant danger of falling back into the Scribing Wars of old with the creatures from the Realms of Fantasy, and modern challenges now seek to destroy this fragile place… This is the world of The Book Ark Series, every reader’s ultimate fantasy!

“In this author’s talented gift for story-telling, Roald Dahl’s magical tales and Phillip Pullman’s believable alternative existences have met a very serious rival… The Book Ark is destined to become a long-lasting classic to treasure”  

Helen Hollick author of the Captain Jesamiah Acorne Novels

Full feature and articles on the Book Ark series coming soon. Meanwhile, both The Book Ark and Children of the Universe are available in most eBook formats here

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