Marigolds in Her Hands

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When I originally wrote Marigolds in Her Hands, back in the early 1990s, it was a kind of semi-autobiographical fantasy. I was a young housewife with two small children in an extremely unhappy marriage, and I would spend long lonely evenings writing this tale as a form of escapism from my reality. Fast forward a couple of decades and truth turned out to be much stranger than fiction when I actually met my Joel Marston, the similarities verged on spooky! This gorgeous, amazing man completely turn my life around, rebuilt my shattered self esteem, married me and encouraged me to get my work published! He read through my rather large pile of old manuscripts and thought that Marigolds in Her Hands was a real gem, insisting that we should publish it instantly. His belief in it was so immense that he painstakingly spent hours transcribing the original type written manuscript (yes it was that old) onto computer.

Marigolds in Her Hands was extremely well received upon its initial publication in 2013, and has grown to be a much-loved favourite among its readers. Six years on we have republished Marigolds in Her Hands under my new writing name, with a whole new cover and this new publication is dedicated to the book’s number one fan – my dear friend, Lisa Clarke. I have lost count of the number of copies she has worn out of this book

So, what’s this novel about…

Artemisia Callow’s romantic ideas of becoming a lady gardener do not quite meet up with the reality of working for her new boss, the handsome but moody Joel Marston. Joel is extremely angry at being coerced into giving her the post by his domineering industrialist father, who sees it as a possible route back to Art’s mother, “the one that got away”. Joel’s previous experiences with women have left him bitter and resentful, so he sets out to make the job impossible, in the hope Art will be forced to resign. Joel does not account for Art’s dogged determination and the harder he makes things for her, the more she rises to the challenge. As romance sparks anew between their parents, Joel and Art begin to discover a mutual respect for one another. Haunted by his past, Joel struggles with his feelings for the dynamic Art, but will his ghosts release him to love again… Set amongst the wild seascape of North Norfolk in the 1990s, warmth and nostalgia flow endlessly from this compelling romance.

Marigolds in Her Hands is available to download from most e-book stores worldwide, so click on the image below, select your chosen e-book provider and snuggle down for a really lovely read – and if you would be kind enough to leave a review, either on the comment section here, and/or on the retailer’s website, I would be most truly grateful x

Click Here to Purchase the Ebook

Marigolds in Her Hands will soon be available in paperback too…

Reviews of the original publication:


10th February 2014

A Delight to Read:

10 February 2014 Yes OK, a light romance is predictable: we all know the boy starts out disliking the girl (or vice versa) and the boy is going to end up Happy Ever After with the girl – but the whole point of such stories is the entertainment and the curiosity of the journey towards that Happy Ever After ending. And Marigolds In Her Hands ticks all the Romance boxes very nicely indeed.

Helen Hollick ~ author of the Jesamiah Acorne novels


17 June 2013

An absolute fabulous read, you won’t be able to put it down you get so wrapped up in the story. You won’t be disappointed.

Paula Williamson

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