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Writer of historical fiction, speculative fantasy and the occasional romance…


Peggy-Dorothea Beydon was born within the sound of Bow Bells in 1966, though not under that name! She grew up in Essex, and spent most of her wild child youth roaming around the streets of London with a motley crew of pals. Various careers and life paths have brought her to where she is today — writing novels, creating beautiful things, digging out skeletons of the family closet… and having endless amazing adventures. She is finally living her happily ever after in the wilds of rural Norfolk with her family.

Peggy-Dorothea Beydon is an independently published author by choice, and she is in extremely good company. She is blessed to live in an age where technology allows her to oversee the whole publication process herself, from beginning to end, this gives her full artistic freedom, and control of the finished product. Everything is done in cottage with the help of a small loyal band – her husband who is her stalwart, especially when it comes to proofreading and editing. She also has an invaluable squad of alpha readers. Peggy-Dorothea Beydon publishes under her own indie label Peggy-Dot Books of Norfolk