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Hello, and a very warm welcome to the website of the author Peggy-Dorothea Beydon plus the portal to her other creative endeavours ~ all collectively grouped here under her nickname Peggy-Dot.

This is the one stop spot for all things Peggy-Dot. Whether you are here for the novels, the dolls, the arts & crafts, the genealogy… the chickens… the articles... or just everything, your visit is most welcome and we hope it leaves you enriched, inspired and smiling.


Articles is the place where you will find my posts on everything and anything that doesn’t fall into any other category – history, gardening, recipes, walks… things that interest, amuse and capture my butterfly brain but don’t relate to my main categories appear here.

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Arts & Crafts

I am extremely passionate about recycling, upcycling, repurposing and just generally messing about with paints glue, fabric, wool… this is a space to share my projects, ideas and techniques, I hope you find some inspiration from my creations…

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Fabric Folk

OOAK art dolls and needle felted creations are relatively new disciplines for me and I am still very much serving my apprenticeship. Here you will find blogs about my adventures in creating little cloth people and creatures of wool.

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I have been researching my family tree since 2000. Within these blogs I aim to share the tales of my ancestors. These blogs aren’t exclusive to the family though, the curious and the downright nosy are also most welcome.

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About Me

Peggy-Dorothea was born within the sound of Bow Bells in 1966, though not under that name! She grew up in Essex, and spent most of her wild child youth roaming around London with a motley crew of pals. Various careers and adventures have brought her to where she is today, living her happily ever after in the wilds of rural Norfolk with her husband, family, an aging lurcher and flock of unruly hens. Writing novels, making stuff, and digging out skeletons from the family closet, amongst other things…

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